After working I need to have a walk and enjoying sunshine. I start walking along the pedestrian street. There some statues referring to luck can be found, and ?The Angel? placed in a crossroad.

IMG_1444?Sovietskaya 1

IMG_0896?Sovietskaya 3

Sovietskaya 4?IMG_1451


Some meters far away from this street the view is quite different.



A lot of monuments remembering soldiers and people who fight in the War are spread among the streets.



?Some old houses are museums.

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There are also other inhabitants in the city and lovers cannot be missing.

?To keep me fit I walk along the Lenin street, before the churches and even I reach the train station.



Anyway, I enjoy the quiet, peace and confidence in this city, you can see babies waiting patiently at the gate of the shop.

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Some evenings I can see the lamplighter in a beautiful ceremony.

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Ant the day may ends speaking Spanish with some girls interested in improving her fluency.



Each day has its walk, each day is different.

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