I think I am right in saying that everyone has ended up dissatisfied after going to the hairdresser at some point in their life; however, I am not clear about whether we have been assertive enough or not at the time.

My hairdresser is more than just that, she is a friend. We have known each other since the time I studied at University, so we have had the opportunity to share our life experiences. While she is cutting my hair, we catch up; it is easy for us because we share similar interests. But now that I don?t want to dye my hair we spend less time together, although it doesn?t prevent her from doing a good job. This is something I appreciate very much now that this activity is driven by a low cost philosophy.

It could be said that I had always been happy after having my hair cut, and I had undoubtedly trusted her when it came to my hair style; but the most recent haircut was not to my taste. I can remember looking fixedly at the mirror on several occasions trying to find a beautiful image of myself. Although hair grows, it was not a good reason for me to stay quiet. Then it was time to call upon my assertiveness and talk to her. It was easy for me, but one of friends commented that it would have been impossible for her to express herself.

Dear readers, have you ever had a similar experience? I mean, after going to the hairdresser or in any other situation when you are not satisfied with the result and must put it into words. Do you consider yourself an assertive person?

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