Since you are in my life, time is divided up between those moments we share together and those we don?t; time waiting for you to come back; how long has it been since you sent your last message; since I heard your voice whispering in my ear, that voice that goes straight into my heart and touches me even when the words are far from being words of love.

Since you are in my life, although I don?t want to think of you, my thoughts constantly go back to you. You are the measure of the seasons; summers with you or without you; autumns of revisiting or springs of farewells.

Since you are in my life, there is no past, we don?t have a future, and you are absent in the present. There is no day or night to measure time, you are the only one who makes time matter to me.

However, there is always enough time; we will meet in this well of emotions, experiences and lives, trying simply to love. We are in this endless time, close to each other, walking infinite pathways which sometimes cross each other, which at times run parallel and then move away inexplicably.

Since you are in my life, I firmly believe we come from eternity, and that time doesn?t matter.

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