Apples as butterflies are part of my life. They are the best snack during the long working days, between classes and when I travel around.


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I enjoy Green Doncella and its thin skin, Granny Smith and its natural acidity, or sweet Starking, and what is more the smelt of Golden apples when they are from my father?s vegetable garden. They are not perfect, wrinkled and not attractive, however the strong smell and intense flavor are exquisite. I have found out that there is a lot of different kinds of apples and some of them have been developed by laboratories driven by market demands. In Brest apples had a unknown taste for me, they had a thick skin, they were acid and rough. I could find them in the market from nearby orchards.

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Apple have been used as a symbol as well, I went to the East (Brest, Belarus) biting an apple in the same way Adan and Eva left The Paradise (post East of Eden, 1st September 2014). The apple of discord, the apple that poisoned Blancanieves, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, apple as symbol of Apple and of The Beatles …

Anyway, during the last week I found a beautiful text written by a blogger (this is like a vice, it is a challenge for me every week) and she speaks about biting an apple, and I liked it. Bit the apple and enjoy its taste, sweet, bitter or acid. Without biting, without risking, you can?t enjoy their flavor, you can?t experience life.

Hence I bit the apple, literally and figuratively. And what about you, do you bit the apple? Do you live intensely life? Do you risk emotions, projects and opportunities?

(Once more time, please forgive my mistakes writing English, it is not my mother tongue)

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