Do you remember last week when I started the post with a traditional saying I learnt from my grandma? Well, this week I am here trying to write in English about another one I used during a conversation; but this time it is an idiom so local that it was difficult to find information on the Internet even in Spanish. However, it did not make me give up writing, in English, a post similar to the Spanish one.

The saying goes like this ?The donkey is already ready for barley?, and as soon as I introduced it into a conversation, one of my friends challenged me to write a post with this heading where I had to explain its significance. The conversation was so animated that it is impossible to call to mind when and why I had uttered it. I am sure what it means and when it should be said. From the oral tradition, it can be guessed that the saying, a bit sarcastically, indicates that it is the precise moment when someone is ready for something. This someone is called a donkey, so the sentence has a touch of irony.

Donkeys are the protagonists of a lot of idioms, probably because it was an animal familiar to most people for years; even more, it symbolizes stubbornness and ignorance.? Nonetheless, nowadays donkeys are not present in our lives and most of those idioms are not used any more. Our ways of communications have evolved somewhat and sayings have given way to memes and viral videos, probably with the same intention: to convey with humour and sarcasm all the incongruence that can be found in our world.

I hope that through this short explanation you can understand the meaning of the idiom, fulfilling then the challenge my friend posed me. And now it is time to transfer the challenge to my readers: Do you frequently use idioms in your conversations? Do you know any sayings with donkeys as the protagonists?

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