If only I were a theatre critic or an expert in literature, you could read a complete reference to Richard III by Shakespeare; although it is not the case, I will try to describe my last experience at the theatre.

Fortunately, this week I was inspired and knew exactly what I wanted to write about; actually, this story started two years ago. Back then, challenged by a classmate, I delivered a speech in front of the class describing Othello as it was performed by November Company. After that I seized all opportunities to attend to the theatre to see Shakespeare?s plays.?? However, it is not worth repeating the same ideas written in another post one year ago, for this reason, let?s talk about Richard III.?(http://brestandglory.com/theatre/)

It is a historical play, and the spectator might get lost if he has no idea about the plot. Probably, due to it?s length, some characters were removed in this version; despite that, the performance did not dilute and the best was that actors and actresses succeeded in moving the audience.

While Othello embodies jealousy; and in The Merchant of Venice, Shylock is a greedy villain without mercy; Richard III shows how to rise to power with a Maquiavellian mind. In my humble opinion, this time, Arturo Querejeta is brilliant in the role of Richard III, taking into account that the King is an ugly hunchback, deformed and unfinished. Although it ends with the death of the King, betrayed by those who helped him to be crowned, the play is full of irony that sometimes can make the scene funny.

The company uses the same elements as in other plays, live music and customs designed by Caprile. Through them the spectator can experience the timeless spirit of the situations and feelings described by Shakespeare.

For me, the most remarkable moments are the dialogue at the beginning of the play, and the last sentence, frequently quoted: ?My kingdom for a horse?. A horse Richard needed to escape from a certain death.

Now that I have enjoyed four Shakespeare?s plays, I make a wish: May next play will be A Midsummer Night?s Dream!


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