Not until recently have I learnt the meaning of the expression: air kiss.? That’s it, usually you touch cheeks on either side and make a kissing noise but the lips never touch. Sometimes the cheeks don’t touch either. And that is an air kiss.

The first time I heard this I thought that I never do this; furthermore I love kissing and hugging people. This must be a cultural question, here in the south people touch each other when they greet or say goodbye. It is not a minor point; even it was studied and called proxemic. However, it is not my intention to go deeper describing this word or explaining its implications, because all of you have experience different situations and can guess the meaning.

Probably you know someone that when he or she speaks to you stay so close that bother you. On the contrary, other persons stay so far that make you think they feel frightened.

Besides, it is also said that hugs heal us. In my opinion, or better, my experience tells me that I need hugs and personal and real contact. It was hard in Belarus, three months with only light kisses, without family or friends who hold me tightly, I missed them so much!? Last summer in England I wanted to feel the energy of a good huge and I made a wish, and there it was, waiting for me. Two wonderful women that I came across on the beach, were generous enough to spend time with me and gave me two healing hugs when we farewell.

During Christmas time you greet a lot of people, I am sure, how did you do? Did you give a real huge? I mean heart close to heart, without hurry, and connecting with the other person.

In this virtual space it is not possible to huge or kiss you, nor even give you an air kiss, so please, take any chance to do it with people around you, and put all your feelings in it, a conscious huge.

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