As fan of postcards, I am disappointed because the last ones I sent have not been delivered yet. I only wish they would reach their destination.

I became aware of this while TV news informed that red telephone boxes are going to be turn into tiny, fully functional work spaces. The idea is to give these largely defunct telephone boxes a new lease of life. So, people can charge their mobile phones using renewable energy, or find other facilities. Consequently, if you have not visited England, don?t worry, you will find this British icon across the UK thanks to their adaptation to a new demand.

Mail boxes in England are also red, however I have not heard about any new plan to adapt them. At this point, I must say that all postcards sent from England reached their destination very quickly, so it was worth the cost I paid. Furthermore, it was always easy to find them, and check the timetable for collecting.

In contrast, mail boxes in Spain are yellow and, although they are scattered around the city, sometimes it is difficult to find them. Thanks to the internet, not the mail boxes but the post offices can be found, making it easier to send letters and postcards. And perhaps to maintain this beautiful habit, on the verge of disappearing, Correos has launched a new app that allows you to send your personalised postcard using your Smartphone.

And going back to telephone boxes, what happened with the Spanish telephone boxes? Although one of them is the protagonist of a famous film drama in Spain, probably they are not a cultural icon known worldwide, and then, there is no plan to give them a lease of life.

All in all, red or yellow, telephone boxes or mail boxes, all we want when we are far away from our relatives is to communicate with them.


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