Absence is what I feel when you are not here, from a long time ago. When any social network gives me news about you. When I walk around the city and don?t come across you, walking by the river bank, in a bar or in a bookshop.

Absence is when we are together but there is an abyss between us. When we are waiting in a queue and there isn?t a single word uttered, because silence is a signal of absence.

Absence is what happens when life gives me the opportunity to meet you and soon after that we end up living in countries far away one from one another.

Absence is when we speak to each other and, although we are close, if the truth be told we are in fact distant because we don?t listen.

Absence is what is growing because you don?t answer my messages, the calls are put off, and we can?t find a convenient time to meet.

I feel your absence, the absence of the one I met once, and the absence of others, however I don?t feel alone.

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