I enjoy reading self-help books, and don?t care if it makes someone smirk. However, if you ask me, I couldn?t define what self-help books are. Books about how to keep fit, how to solve emotional or financial problems can be found in this section of a bookshop; even you can find the last bestsellers written by fashion coaches. Whereas it is not a literary genre, sales of this kind of books grow steadily according to what is written in an article I read.

Throughout the article, a professional psychologist criticises this publications because they are not based on researches applying scientific methodology, therefore it could be a deceit. In such a way, I could agree with this point of view, given my university education and the greater development of the logical part of ?my? brain.

But on the other hand, I think that the search for finding answers is a personal journey. During this journey it is expected a responsible attitude, being possible to read whatever, without censorship, and avoiding that the logic of scientific methodology leaves other ways of learning out, namely intuition and self experience.

Thus, each person will find their own answer, personally accountable for this. In other words, the power has never to be given to the author of the book.

Tireless as I am when it comes? to posing questions, my students know it, I look for answers tirelessly too, reading books, which can be self-helping books or not, and in silence.

What are the questions you would like answered? How do you look for the answers?

?It is not possible to find an answer with your mind if it is asked with your heart. Beyond the understanding, it is only possible to comprehend without the noise of the words?



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