Brest & Glory

Welcome to my blog!

You can call me Gloria, in the following paragraphs you will find out more about myself as well as the reasons why this blog was created and how it has evolved.

I was born in a little village into a family of farmers, studied at Seville University where I ended up as a lecturer. Many things have happened since then which made me the way I am, among them going through a mid-life crisis.

However, that did not stop me from fulfilling a dream in my professional career. The dream became reality when I was granted a scholarship which gave me the opportunity to live in Brest (Belarus) for some time.

I must say that the experience in Brest was a life-changing experience as well as the reason for launching this blog. It also explains the blog’s name: Brest & Glory. The blog was launched on June 2014, and during the first year all the posts were focused on the travel arrangements and descriptions of the amazing places I visited and the incredible experiences I had in Belarus.

Since this site is not devoted to a particular theme, another excuse was needed to keep on writing every week. In fact, it was not difficult to find one because I had just signed up for a new English course and writing was one of the activities required. That way, posting in English and Spanish I was killing two birds with one stone; in other words, I kept the blog active while improving my level of English. So, the blog entered its fourth year on July 2017. During all those years, with little change in appearance, short posts were published on Monday on any topic and were always approached from my personal point of view.

Brest & Glory

On June 2019 I decided to take a break and reorient its focus to encompass a professional aspect too. In the latest version, started on October 2020, my personal post will keep being published but without any limit regarding the length or day of publishing.

Also, a new section entitled Personal footprint will offer posts related to my professional activity which will become part of the blog.

Not many details of my personality or biography have been unveiled, nor my professional CV; it is because I don´t consider them a crucial factor although they permeate all my writing. I’d just like to add that my starting point is a little village called Campo-Lugar in the province of Cáceres.

Thank you for being here and if you like my blog please feel free to comment. All comments are gratefully received.

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