Working at University is satisfying when you find young people willing to listen and learn, but I also learn a lot from them.

Apart from classes there are other activities in Brest State University as conferences or concerts. This week?G. Andrew Nea, Jr. ?is here, he speaks about law and banks.


Also Reyes and Lilian were here, they spoke in French to students during a meeting that took place in the Winter Garden. It is situated next to the old university building and it was opened in 2010.

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Faculty of Languages celebrated its 20th anniversary with music.

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During the week different activities were devoted to Pushkin, the founder of modern Russian literature.

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I attended an event to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the Brest State University. Different groups of people were recognized: the oldest professors, bright students, staff workers, those who defended their Phd thesis, and those who were the directors of Phd thesis… and we could enjoy different groups singing and dancing, from folklore to modern performances. It was a pleasure to be invited to this event.


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