Like you, dear readers, I keep some secrets. In social media I follow those social accounts related to my areas of interestsuch as HR, self-help ideas or the next country I am going to visit; without forgetting all those platforms that offer every day resources to improve my English level. Nonetheless, I am a loyal follower of an account on Instagram which uploads stunning pictures of lingerie.

The Instagram account belongs to a website I seldom visit after admiring the images of women wearing beautiful and elegant designs of underwear. However, a few days ago, the topic drew my attention: what is sexy? The answer of the woman that the article refers to was: ?not the lingerie itself, but rather the conversation between the lingerie and the person who wears it?. Any women, the article goes on, can throw on a pair of blue jeans, put on her puffy coat and head to her job (to teach in my case), and the real mystery lies within.

I am not sure whether being sexy is linked exclusively to the lingerie worn or not because it is hidden under other clothes; perhaps what a woman chooses to reveal or not to reveal along with her attitude are also important elements of being sexy. A seductive style can be tailored with simple external details and appealing internal secrets.

I love lingerie; what is more, if I go shopping I can buy nothing but lingerie (and books, of course!), giving up buying other clothes because it seems very difficult for me.  Some items are shown only in private and for privileged spectators, but others are perfectly suitable for parties and balls. Beautifully designed bras and briefs, stockings with lace, rubber bands, garters and corsets, are the poetry in my wardrobe in tandem with the slogan of the website where I found the article.

Now, my secret has been revealed; and now, you, dear readers, do you hide any passionate interests? And for female readers, do you enjoy wearing beautiful lingerie? How does it make you feel?

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