Let us continue with the inspiration from the summer holidays, and go back to the topic of pictures. I am positive that most of you have admired a glorious sunset and have tried to capture all the hues by taking some photos.

Although sunrises may be just as appealing as sunset, to admire the last one is probably considered a more romantic scenario. For this reason alone, or because we are too lazy to wake up early in the morning, we take more pictures of sunset than of the break of dawn. A lot of my friends choose those great images for their social network profile, and most of them are a sunset over the sea; have you ever done this?

Eye-catching sunsets can be seen everywhere; however, there are some climate conditions that can determine the colours of each individual sunset. Between them we can see dust and haze; clouds; stratospheric particles or determine the time of the year. In addition, certain parts of the world such as deserts and tropics are especially famous for their twilight hues.

In this sense, the image of the enjoyment derived from a magical sundown is used as a major tourist enticement to attract people to many places around the world; and one of these places is Bagan. Located on the Mandalay Region of Myanmar, Bagan is an ancient city whose main attraction is its Archaeological Zone. After spending a day visiting some of the more than 2.200 old temples and pagodas there, every tourist can?t help but gaze in a state of awe over the landscape at sunset. Nowhere have I ever seen so many people waiting for sunset than in Bagan. You can find yourself up the top of a crowded temple, surrounded by people trying to capture the saffron sky with their cameras. If you have been on the top of the Empire State Building, or another skyscraper, you might have experienced the same situation.

Anyway, sunsets are magical moments that live long in our memory; more because of the emotions felt than for the place itself, in my opinion.

Where is your preferred place to enjoy sunset? Or, what is the most amazing sunset you have ever experienced that still lingers in your memory?

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