The capital city deserves a visit. Here I only try to show my impressions through the text and pictures, this is not a tourist guide.

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As all big cities Minsk has a lot of noise and traffic jams. When I arrived I could see large buildings and majestic avenues. Luckily I had met Ludmila in the train from Warsaw to Brest, and she showed us the city driving her car, so we could see places we could not have seen by ourselves. Minsk Beach is a recreational area, but I don?t know if is a lake or it belongs to Svilach river.

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The Lenin statue preside over the square with The Parliament behind it, a church on the left and a commercial center underground.

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Walking along Independet street allows us to see some building you can find on internet, I found them so unattractive that I did not take any photo. However you can see the statues of important men: Yakub Kolas, Dzerzhinky or Kalinin, among others.

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In Victory Square we can found a replica of Order of Victory that crowns a granite column of 38 metres. There is a Memorial Hall in the pedestrian underpass under the square.

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And ending the long walking, the library. I got little disappointed, I did not expect to find illuminated advertising.


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But there al always other details: people enjoying in parks, autumn colours, and some winking at me.

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Anyway, the best experience in this city was ?Swan Lake? performed in The National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus.

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We went and come back by train, 352 km, very different from each other. To make the trip more confortable, the conductor offered te or coffee and the two women beside us had a great time reading novels

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