When you travel you have to get ready your suitcase. If you try to pack your belongings, you will live a nightmare. But don?t worry, in the internet era you can look for some advice even find some mobile applications.
However, this experience can become a unique occasion to consider which things are certainly essential.
The weather was my first worry. Traveling from Sevilla (Latitude 37?23?10?, Longitude 5?59?33?, 11m over the sea level) with 37?C in August, to Brest (Latitude 52?05?51?, Longitude 23?41?13?, 146 m over the sea level) with a maximum forecast temperature of 20?C, and 10 rainy days on average per month, was determinant for the clothes I had to chose.
Apart from the clothes, I need to bring my lap top to work, my mobile phone to keep in touch with friends and family, cables, chargesr,? All this things may not exceed the limit of 20kg established by air companies.
20kg, but weightless things are more important for me. I refer to confidence, faith, courage, desire to learn, inner strength, hope, excitement, passion, ?
My luggage is full of all these things, I think. As a Spanish poet said (1), I will travel lightly (1), without thinking of those left behind, with an open mind to all things I can find, and interesting in learning and working hard.
This post can?t end without a reference to the film ?Up in the air?, the scene ?what is in your backpack??.It gives room for various interpretations, each of you can reach a different conclusion, go ahead.

(1) Antonio Machado. Retrato en Campos de Castilla, 1912. You can find it in the Spanish version.

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