I have luck, two of the girls who I share the flat with can speak Russian, then as we know Brest and almost all the bars in Soviestkaya Street, we decided to venture into the province, Pinsk was elected.


The train ticket costs 1,55? to arrive Pinsk that is 170km far away from Brest, without haste, it takes three and a half hour to arrive. The train was full of people and although you buy a ticket you will have to stand up if you do not find a seat. Four women, with backpacks and speaking English were the center of the glances.

It was dark when we reached the hotel, I hesitate if telling you more details or if the pictures are enough for you to make an idea.


If you are looking for a good hotel, cleaned and confortable, it is better not to adventure into these cities.

I was thinking about some questions: what do we look for when we chose a city to visit? Do we want to invest our money in seeing something stunning as cathedrals, museums, different arquitecture? Do we look for a paradise where to rest or have fun?

What does Pinsk offer to us? A walk along the river Pina,


some old houses with wonderful colours; a catholic church

10 09

…and an orthodox one;


a immense square whit the Lenin statue,

12 13

an open-air market where local people sell tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, and all kind of belongings.


a souvenir shop,


and? simply to see how every day live is. I also found some Spanish representation.


There is no some stunning or impressive monument,


anyway you can find a lot of young people, a lot of weddings,


,summarizing you can find people with the same feeling and worries we have, good people.


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