??17.90!? exclaimed my son. ?Books are so expensive! I wanted to buy a book, but it seemed so expensive to me that I didn?t in the end? Books, expensive for some, could be considered an investment more than an expense; moreover, they are often a present and you can choose between a paper version or an electronic book; but above all they allow us to imagine fabulous worlds.

At what price can a book start to be considered expensive? ?17.90 is a price below the one my son paid for his new sport shoes, and only double what it cost for socks of the same brand to go with the purchased footwear. Everything is relative and in my opinion books have a price I?d gladly pay in exchange for the learning or enjoyment I will get from them.

Books are an investment rather than an expense. Whatever our query, we can find the answers in books, even more, contradictory results that push us to think for ourselves. Apart from what they teach, they trigger our imagination; leading us to a world of fantasy full of characters, places and adventures. A lot of these imaginings remain in our memory as if they were our own reality.

This week, with the excuse of Black Friday, some book shops have offers and discounts to increase sales. This event can be good for promoting the purchase of presents: tales for children; best sellers for teenagers; and a new book of poems or an illustrated book for the most demanding readers. Although I don?t abhor the concept of electronical books, I?d rather buy paper books to give as presents.

Referring to the start of this piece, my son?s exclamation was about a book I have just bought as a present although it has not reached its beneficiary yet. In a quieter moment, I started reading the novel. I was captivated by the plot even though it was the second time I had read it, and notwithstanding that my bucket list of books is long. My friend will receive the book soon with the Christmas card.

We have spoken about books in previous posts, but here there are some more questions: Do you think books are expensive? Do you like to get books as presents? Do you keep your books on shelves, or on the contrary, do you give them away after reading them?

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