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I was standing in line, waiting to pay when we were remembered by the public-address systems in the shop that it was Father´s Day.  That´s when I remembered my father.

Never have we been fond of giving presents in my family, not even on special occasions; and looking back, I realize that I have never given a gift to my father as a present on Father´s Day. Saying that this celebration is the result of a marketing strategy is a good excuse, it nevertheless remain that I love my father.

My father is a farmer, was born in 1933 and remembers the difficult post-war years in Spain. He was named after his grand-father and often tells us stories about him; a man with a firm hand who was unduly harsh with his grand-sons. Also he refers to the years when he started working with a mule, and how, step by step, he could even buy a tractor.

However, it is not necessary he tells me how he faced a larynx cancer because I could admire his attitude. I was a witness of how he learned to speak again after two surgeries, and how he reinvented himself.

My father, with his behaviour rather than with his words, has taught me some values. Despite that he lives in a little village, he has an open mind and is tolerant as well. Coherent with his ideas, he is clear and direct without falsehood; brave and strong facing his illness and all the changes that had to be done. He has always supported me in every decision I had taken, with respect; and thought me how to be happy in any circumstance, it does not matter how much you have because he usually says that envious people live their own penance.

I am sure I could detail more qualities, and none criticism comes up to my mind.  Furthermore, if it is true that we easily forget what people say and that we will never forget how others made us feel, it must be said that I always feel happy when close to him, and I love the way he huge me.

How is or was your father? Make a list of the values he taught you and acknowledge him, the gift is of little importance.

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  1. I was sure not only your father but your mother are extraordinary human beings, since you are such an extraordinary person. The description of your father features, qualities and will brought tears of emotion to my eyes, Glory. He should read what you wrote about him. Certainly, he’ll be pleased.
    My father is already now more than 70 years old. He got married very young, as it used to be by that time, and have taught us many things: sacrifice, work, enjoyment of family…, for he devoted the rest of his life to make the best of us. He is patient, he is always ready to help,
    Delightfully I like to remember how he played with us: particularly, “fights” at home (the five of us against him!!) and “fights” in the swimming pool (once he taught each of us to swim properly). I remember he waking up at five when I needed to study early morning just to avoid me the hateful sound of the knocker-up. :-)

    • Dear AOG, perhaps one day I will write about my mother, however the relation with her is quite differen, i admire herr too but….. I like the descrition of your father, and i am glad becouse the post provoque you to express your feeling. Then, you may read your comment to him too.

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