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If I say that travelling is one of the activities I enjoy the most, I am not being very singular, and what is more, with all probabilities you feel the same. But, do you consider yourself a tourist or a traveler?

First of all, we may think whether there is any difference between each concept. For statistical purposes a tourist is described as someone who spends more than one night in a tourist accommodation. In addition, according to the dictionary, a tourist is someone who travels for pleasure. On the other hand, a traveler is described simply as someone who travels. These definitions are not very helpful for us to answer the question asked, but if we consider a traveler someone who experiences the everyday life of the places he visits, meaning you become part of the flow of the city. Then I would like to think that I belong to this category.  Although I am aware that it is not possible to travel around as romantic travelers did in Spain back in the 19Th century, since we have all the information we need at our fingertips.

In order to support this statement, I would like to share with you one of my last travelling experiences, in this case in the northern part of Cáceres. If you visit Monfragüe you can read about the birds that can be seen there or even go on a guided tour which is very common nowadays. But the best thing that can happen to you is to come across a great bird lover.  In my case, it was Agustin who kindly offered us to look through his telescope. And it was a fabulous experience: not only did he lend us his telescope, but he also explained to us a lot of details about the birds we could admire in their natural habitat.

As a true traveler I enjoy talking with local people more than visiting tourist attractions. If possible, I prefer to spend more days around the same area than to go quickly from one city to another. And finally I would say that for a traveler it is also important to be flexible with the schedule and stop when it is worth it.

In brief, this post is devoted to Agustin and his kindness and to all the people I met while travelling and made my trips more interesting. So, after reading this, what category do you think you belong to?

2 thoughts on “Tourist or traveler

  1. My dear Gloria,
    As you explained in your post, the best thing when you are travelling is to know new people and culture. I always try to do so although I never spend to much time in the same place.
    You look wonderful in your photo!!!!!!

    • Well, probably you don´t spend too much time in the same place but you have an idea of how people live all around the world, I am sure. Hope you find time to send me a postcard!

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