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Last Tuesday was Saint Valentine´s day, which, as you know, is related to love and romance. Thanks to a video watched in English class, I could learn how this celebration has evolved through history. Certainly it is rooted in pagan festivals which were Christianized, and now is one of the major consumer events.

According to the video, greeting cards, candy boxes, romantic dinners and flowers are the most common gifts. Despite this, I didn´t come across anyone with a delicate bouquet of beautiful flowers.  However, I stepped in my favourite flower shop with the sole intention or enjoying the beauty. Antonia has a special talent for arranging fresh or dried flowers to a lovely bunch, and her shop is always a place of peace and enjoyment.

The first time I went to England I realized how much people there appreciate flowers. It was easy to find cut flowers in markets; and, in my opinion, they were not expensive. There must be an explanation that I don´t know of, because it is thought that the weather in Spain is better for growing plants; however, here bouquets are seen as a luxury item. We are used to giving flowers such as when a woman gives birth, or if someone is at hospital; on birthdays and anniversary celebrations as well. Nonetheless, my personal impression is that it is not as common as in England, and the same thing happens with cards.

I have received bright and lovely bouquets in my life, but I must confess that only recently have I started to cherish fresh flowers. I wish I had shown more gratitude to the person who offered me such a beautiful present. Anyway, now I buy bunches of flowers to decorate my home and make it a place of beauty. What is more, if I visit some friends, it doesn´t matter if it is a male or a female one, it is a good present and it is perfect for decorating the table for a special dinner.

And finally, I can´t help but mention flowers my mother grows which have a delicate scent that remind me my childhood.

Do you buy flowers for yourself or as a present? When do you do it? Do you think it´s worth the price?

4 thoughts on “Say it with flowers

  1. I like flowers a lot! I love to have a bunch of flowers everywhere at home, at least in the hall and the living room. Sorry to say that I have to buy it for myself, rarely anyone have bought flowers for me. However, in special days I have received lot of bouquets of flowers, for example, the day my boyfriend asked for my hand in marriage and in my silver wedding celebration. I agreed with you, It’s a pity in Spain it’s not usual having many flowers kiosk, probably due to the fact that people ordinarily don’t buy it.

    • Happy to read your comment, welcome to this site again! Do you imagine that when we passed C2 exam we would be congratulated with flowers sent by someone from the University? We will see.

  2. I think that in the valentines day , the most flower colors should be red? Or am I wrong? In nowadays fashion has changed?
    As always red roses is the best choice. Cheers.

    • Tank for your comment. I love red roses but cheaper bouquet too. Any day is a good occasion to receive or give them.

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