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Welcome to my blog!

You can just call me Gloria. In the following paragraphs you will find out more about myself as well as the reasons why this blog was created.
I was born in a little village, into a family of farmers, and studied at Universidad de Sevilla, where I ended up as a lecturer. Many things have happened since then which made me the way I am, among them going through mid-life crisis. However that did not stop me from fulfilling a dream in my professional career.

And so it happened that I was granted a scholarship which gave me the opportunity to live in Brest (Belarus) for some time. The project developed thanks to the scholarship grant titled “Understanding the improvement of job opportunities for business students with a second language”, so my interest in learning foreign languages and my current job were combined in the same study.

As far as my professional life is concerned, I am not quite sure whether it is better to specialize in a specific area or, on the contrary, it is a good idea to disperse efforts in different topics. So, while the dilemma is solved, I undertake those activities I am passionate about, from studying English to organizing seminars or events directed to students, as well as posting in my blog.

I must say that the experience in Brest was a life-changing experience as well as the reason to launch this blog, and the explanation of the name: Brest & Glory. The kick off was on June 2014, and during the first year all posts were focused on the travel arrangements and the description of the amazing places I visited and the incredible experiences I lived in Belarus.

Since this site is not devoted to a particular theme, another excuse was needed to keep on writing every week. In fact, it was not difficult to find one because I had just signed up for a new English course and writing was one of the activities required. That way, posting in English and Spanish I was killing two birds with one stone; in other words, I kept the blog active while improving my level of English.

So, the blog is going to start its fourth season on July 2017.

As usual and whenever possible, posts will be published every Monday (I love Mondays and the feeling of starting again). I will publish brief posts (around 350-400 words) on random topics. The idea is to bring up any topic that comes to my mind, as if you and I were having a relaxed conversation over a cup of coffee or tea. As you can guess, it will be about a variety of things, always approached from my personal point of view. As for the pictures, they are always taken by me or some of my friends.

All in all, a short personal post will be published every Monday and if you like it, please feel free to leave your comments… they are welcome.


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