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Sitting in his kitchen she was tasting small sips from the mug of coffee he had made for her. It was perfect. Its concentration was exactly how she liked it, the temperature was fine, with foam on the top and sweet enough despite she has never told him whether she preferred it with a sugary or with a bitter taste.

With each single sip a lot of thoughts flow quickly through her mind. She allows them to go through while she focuses on the taste of the coffee, on the simple pleasure of even being served up a coffee.

In the mirror used for decoration in his kitchen she stares at her lips covered with foam. Licking them with lust while gazing deeply into her eyes. Inside them is located her own identity.

From the other side of the kitchen, a loud and disgusting belch smashed to pieces her image in the glass and brings her back to reality with a bump.


4 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. Gloria, first sentence, you have put ships and it should be sips. I enjoyed this, unusual subject for you. My only reservation is as she is tasting the coffee, I think various thoughts flit through her mind is better, just my opinion of course, and the part that says she allows the thoughts to go through, doesn’t quite ring correct to my mind, but I appreciate it is perhaps your way of expressing yourself. Your English is coming along extremely well though. Love, Angela xx

    • Thank you very much for your advices, I appreciate them. And I will learn the verbs you suggest. As you say it is an unusual subject in my blog, but you know me, always trying to go out of the comfort zone.

  2. What a pity! It had been an interesting and fascinating reading until a belch have appeared 😂😂
    Promise to leave more replays down the line! Love

    • Thank you very much. I was tempted to write a more romantic ending, but sometimes it is good to do things in an unexpected way.

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